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Second Chance


200 Gordon Ln

Salt Lake City, UT 84107


Celebrating 23 years!

Birthday Party Options

Birthday parties start at $5 requested donation per attendee and include:

Use of Decorated Party Room, Table and Chairs

Shelter Presentation -

Learn about animal shelters and why we need them, being a responsible pet owner, being safe around animals, pet overpopulation, and how everyone can play a part in changing the future for homeless animals. Each participant will receive a Stuffed Animal to keep!

Click here to see sample video of our presentation 

Animal Presentations -

Meet Stetson, star of the Film "Stetson, Street Dog of Park City". Learn about Training pets for the Movies or TV and how lots of shelter dogs can make great movie dogs, working dogs or family pets!

For complete party details, visit our party page 

For an additional donation you may add activities and time to your party:


Add $1 donation per participant for each game

Choose as many extra games as you would like!

Games add an additional 15 min each

Every participant will receive prizes for each game (winning team prizes may be larger).

Dog Care Relay Race

Children separate into 2 teams and relay race to gather pet care items. The first team to gather all the pet care items, Wins! This activity is done outdoors, weather permitting.

Musical Puppy

Particpants sit in a circle with a dog in the middle. They will pass around the dogs' leash until the music stops. The person holding the leash when the music stops must tell the group one thing they learned that day, to get a cool prize!

The Nose Knows

Participants each get a secret scent daubed on their hands (vanilla, lemon, or mint extract) Use your nose to sniff out your "pack" (kids with the same scented hands). The first group to find all their pack mates, wins!

Ask us about more games,

or suggest an idea


Add $2 donation per participant for each craft

Choose as many extra crafts as you would like!

Crafts add an additional 30 min each

Every participant gets to keep their craft project(s). All projects are ready to take home immediately.

Catnip Cat Toys

Each child gets a baby sock to color and fill with cat nip and stuffing materials. The toys will be sewn on-site and will be ready to take home the same day.

Baby Dog Blankets

Each child will make a fleece tie blanket for the stuffed animal they received during our presentation. Blankets are 1'x1' and will be completed and ready to take home the same day. (for an additional $1 donation per blanket, we can embroider a name on it)

Paws Up, Paws Down

Each child gets two pieces of foam and a Popsicle stick to create a foam paddle. They will be able to decorate each side with a Paw Print Up and a Paw Print Down. This activity is finished with a True or False (Paws up or Paws down) quiz to earn more decorations for their paddles!

Ask us about more crafts,

or suggest an idea

Animal Themed Goodie Bags filled with toys and candy ($1 donation each)

Contains a minimum of 5 toys - Contents will vary